Centricity Clinical Archive

The World’s #1 Vendor Neutral Archive*

*Market share ranking published by IHS< Medical Enterprise Data Storage Market - 2017

The World’s #1 Vendor Neutral Archive*

*Market share ranking published by IHS< Medical Enterprise Data Storage Market - 2017

Centricity™ Clinical Archive is a Vendor Neutral Archive solution that provides 360-degree imaging and multi-media patient content that helps improve clinician efficiency and drives patient outcomes by image enabling your EMR with the Centricity Universal Viewer Zero Footprint viewer.

  • Enables directed care and coordination across the enterprise
  • Scalable and highly interoperable – built on IHE standards like DICOM web and XDS to ensure that all your clinical systems are connected enterprise-wide
  • A proven record of multi-vendor clinical system integrations and large-scale deployments that connect clinicians across hospitals, health systems and regions
  • Embedded analytics tools to Identify gaps in the clinical documentation and procedure process to help improve patient care
Transform your isolated departmental imaging and EMR silos into secure, open standards-based information sharing engines.

When you provide a more consistent, unified, and secure view of patient information, you create new opportunities to improve collaboration, boost efficiency, facilitate critical treatment decisions, and lower costs.

The Centricity Clinical Archive Solution delivers this crucial single view, with a standards-driven solution that intelligently weaves longitudinal patient data from many different sources and systems together—and then makes it all available through a convenient web-based, zero-footprint viewer that image-enables your entire EMR system.

Centricity Clinical Archive is different from other “vendor neutral” archives, because it allows you to:

  • Move beyond archives that only support the DICOM standard—with full support for a wide range of interoperability standards, including IHE-XDS, HL7, and IMPI. This makes it possible to share and interact with virtually any enterprise or community archive
  • Overcome the limitations and inconsistencies of multi-vendor PACS systems with advanced tag morphing and Image Lifecycle Management capabilities that optimize image sharing and workflows across different systems and technologies
  • Make patient information more accessible and secure with available cloud-connected disaster recovery, virtual server deployment options, and standardized configurations that help improve reliability.

Centricity Universal Viewer
3D post-processing, breast imaging tools, and enterprise-wide access on a single desktop

Centricity Radiology Workflow

Scheduling, acquiring, viewing, reporting, coding, sharing and archiving, in a single, intelligent workflow.

Centricity Cardio Enterprise
Bridges the gaps between cardiovascular service lines and healthcare information systems with a single point of access for patient data, waveforms, images, analysis tools and physcian reports – combined with powerful end-to-end management, analytics and workflow tools 

Applied Intelligence
Unleash the power of your healthcare data to solve your most significant challenges and achieve sustainable clinical, financial and operational outcomes

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  1. Market share ranking published by IHS< Medical Enterprise Data Storage Market – 2017
  2. Centricity Clinical Archive1 includes the following product components: Centricity Enterprise Archive, Centricity Universal Viewer ZFP client, GE XDS Registry, Centricity Clinical Gateway, Audit Trail Repository, Media Manager, ICW Master Patient Index (MPI), and Lexmark PACS Scan. See the Centricity Clinical Archive Compatibility Matrix and product-specific documentation for requirements.
  3. Where an internet connection is available.
  4. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) is a collaboration partner of GEHC and as a result, has a financial interest in the development and commercialization of certain GEHC next generation imaging products.

*Market share ranking published by IHS, Medical Enterprise Data Storage Market - 2017